Hong Kong Company Formation Services

If you have decided to establish your own business in Hong Kong, you must choose the right company formation service for the task. There are many different options available, and each one claims to offer clients the best benefits and assistance. It can be overwhelming to choose one from all the public companies. But when you select a service provider, you can be assured that you get top quality service at an affordable price.

Hong Kong company formation services enable you to change your company’s name, address, and contact information conveniently. There are no time-consuming or complicated processes involved. Once you have made the necessary registrations, you can easily and quickly gain access to your new company’s main account. It means that you can have your transactions processed in the shortest possible time without worrying about missing any important deadlines.

There are two types of company formation services – the private limited company and the public limited company. Each type has its own set of advantages, disadvantages, and benefits. If you are interested in using personal, limited company formation services in Hong Kong, you should note these differences. In addition to this, you should also consider the possibility of having your company limited by guarantee, which means that your company will not be open to public inspection.

The benefits of Hong Kong company formation services include the use of standard company accounts. It means that you can have your banking accounts with the banks of your choice. This option allows you to save on fees and costs associated with using bank accounts outside of the country.

You may also benefit from using a nominee director and nominee shareholder. With these two-key people in your company, you will be able to open an offshore corporation at a lower cost. These two key members will act as your directors and are also authorized to manage your company’s finances. You are spared from the fees that companies outside of Hong Kong need to pay to set up a nominee bank account.

A company secretary is an integral part of company formation services. He is an important person who is entrusted with several tasks related to company registration, transfer of shares, and remittance payments. The company secretary’s primary role is to maintain the correct balance sheet and accurate accounting records. To keep this on track, the company secretary must contact the accountant and the finance manager. He is also responsible for sending out information to investors and creditors. In terms of share capital, he must ensure the timely transfer of funds.

Many foreign investors take advantage of Hong Kong Company Formation Services offered by many capable professional firms. Many Hong Kong Companies has helped foreign investors with their business ventures. With the presence of corporate laws in the country, Hong Kong company registration has been made simpler for foreign investors.

The primary document required when a person wants to open an offshore company is the Articles of Association. It is a crucial requirement provided by the law, and it includes the necessary details of the registered office and the shareholders. Once the Articles of Association are ready, it is then time for the company secretary to transfer shares. Most often, the stakes are assigned by the company secretary to the newly registered address. Transfer of share capital is not handled personally, thus ensuring privacy for the shareholders.

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